New Release by The Shanty Hounds!

The Shanty Hounds have released their first CD and it's LIVE! Recorded at Grunts Bar in Key West on July 16, 2017, the CD features 9 original songs by Dani Hoy and Key West Chris Rehm. Sound engineering was done by Ian Shaw of Warm Fuzz Ian also did the mixing and mastering was masterfully done by Denis Blackham of Skye Mastering in Scotland, UK. 

Chris Rehm has been a performer in several Key West Songwriter festivals over the years. His songs "My Little Island Town" and "The Beach" were previously recorded in studio and can be found on his CD, Shanghai'd and Marooned in Key West: Things Could Be Worse." On this new CD Rehm offers three new songs, "Yippee Cayo Hueso," a celebration of Key West, "Liveaboard," which had been begun in the studio but was not included on his original music release, and "Tote the Load," a duet sung with Dani Hoy about two musicians who are always on the road and decide to rendezvous in Key West. 

Dani Hoy has released 3 CDs since 2012. "Meet Me on the Boardwalk" and "Drunk on Mallory Square" can be found on her CD TropiGal while "Songs of Love and the Ocean" and "I Like it Hot" are on her CD Songs of Love and the Ocean, both recorded at Orca Sound Studio, Abingdon, MD, Kevin Johnston producing. 

A successful Kickstarter campaign got the project rolling and the recording was set up. Hoy plays acoustic rhythm guitar, sings lead and harmony, and also uses light percussion, harmonica and the "Keyzoo." Rehm plays acoustic rhythm and lead and sings lead vocals and harmony. Bassist Bob Tucker also fills in on harmony highs while drummer John Sausser provides the percussion. All in all the night was fantastic, filled with friends who came out to fill the venue with cheers, whistles and laughter. 

Grunts Bar is The Shanty Hounds regular Thursday night venue. It's a quaint wine and beer bar located at 409 Caroline Street, half a block down from Key West's famous Duval Street. The official CD release party will be held November 1, 2018 at Grunts from 8-11pm. Garbo's Grill will be open until 9pm. The entire band will perform the CD as recorded plus additional music for a fun evening. There will giveaways of the new CD plus other The Shanty Hounds merchandise. Gary W. Ek, the Soundman from Hell, from 104.9 the X Key West will be broadcasting. 

The Shanty Hounds want to thank all of their friends and fans for their support in creating Unleashed! Live at Grunts, Key West. "This wouldn't have been possible without our amazing friends in The Shanty Hounds Nation," says Hoy. "They are the best!"