Our Philosophy

"If you're not having fun I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to leave." It's all about the fun and the music. If we are having fun, so should you! We really don't want you to walk out the door so please stick around.

Meet the Band

Key West Chris Rehm

Acoustic Guitar/Lead/Vocal

Key West Chris is a musician and songwriter originally from New Jersey, coming to Key West by way of Miami. His CD "Shanghai'd and Marooned in Key West: Things Could Be Worse" is a mix of musical genres with the songs all influenced by his experiences in the Keys. Chris has been in the Key West Songwriters Festival six times and is published in Nashville by McClure & Trowbridge.

Bob Tucker


Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Bob was told at a young age, when attempting to learn the piano, that he "had no musical instincts whatsoever." Later, given the opportunity to play bass in church when he was 12, Bob found his muse and his musical instincts. He has been playing professionally for 35 years, 20 of those in Key West.

Dani Hoy

"Key-Zoo"/Light Percussion

Dani is originally from Baltimore, MD, and moved from York, PA, to Key West, FL in 2013. She started writing music in 2011 and has put out three CDs of original material, "TropiGal," "Songs of Love & the Ocean," and "At the End of a Long Road." Her website is danihoy.com. She is also a graphic designer and graduated with an art degree.

John Sausser


John is from the Washington, D.C. area. His performance experience includes playing at everything from National conventions and Presidential inaugurations to bars, pubs, concerts, and weddings. He received professional training through classes at the Drummer’s Collective workshops in NYC from 1979-1982. He moved to Key West in 2013 and plays with several bands in the Keys.